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The Loire Valley

Discover the picturesque Loire Valley and all that its rich history and culture have to offer. 


There is such a huge variety of things to do in the region that it is not possible to do justice to all of them here so we have picked a few of our favourites. 


French Culture

A perfect localisation 

Ideally located near the beautiful town of La Flèche, along the Loir, the Château d'Oyré is the ideal place for exploring the surrounding area.

Experience authentic French culture while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of local cafes, farmers markets, antique shops and town squares.


You can easily plan a variety of culturally rich day trips from the castle using convenient car or train access to famous towns such as; Angers, Le Mans, Tours, Nantes and many other attractive French destinations.


    Aventure & Outdoors

    Take advantage of all that Château d'Oyré has to offer

    Whether you prefer walking, cycling and exploring, farm animals, playing tennis or swimming in the pool; Château d'Oyre has something to offer everyone.

    Why not use Château d'Oyre as a start for your journey around the Loire Valley. Simply enjoy a stroll through the surrounding forests with friends and family, take in all that nature and the architecture of the château have to offer. 


      Past Events

      We welcome you for all types of events

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